Transport and logistics expert

The Port of Brussels offers transport and logistics expertise for free to companies willing to undertake a modal shift in their flows process, from road to waterway of rail.

They guide companies who wish to rethink or optimise their flows of goods, whether they are already using the waterway or not.

The expert team mainly focuses on companies in a radius of 100 km in and around Brussels which deliver or collect goods there, especially building material or FMCG.

They usually start with a first screening of the company that aims to determine if the company can consider undertaking a modal shift. Afterwards, the flows types of the company are analysed as well as its infrastructures, as well as other elements such as the quays infrastructure. Such more thorough study helps identify which concrete changes can be put in place and how.

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This service is offered together with the Brussels Capital Region, the Communauté Portuaire Bruxelloise and the Association of Brussels and Vilvoorde port users.