Goods transport, yachting, leisure, sports activities... The canal is a very popular place! In its role as a vital economic artery, a decongestion route and a place to relax, its traffic is regulated and protected by various Port of Brussels departments. Whether it’s navigation schedules, use of locks, departures and arrivals, infrastructure management, etc., the Port authorities leave nothing to chance, to ensure that everyone can safely use and enjoy the port.

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The Port of Brussels is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. As a maritime port, it naturally has a Port captain.

Length, air draft, water draft...

RIS aims to increase the safety and efficiency of inland navigation in Europe, by harmonising the exchange of information between managers and users.

The RIS includes, in particular, electronic inland navigation charts IENC (Inland Electronic Navigational Charts) containing all navigation information.

Locks and bridges, the Brussels Cruise Terminal, or the Nautical Centre as 'anchor points' along the canal.